Interview for performance with QYS

Insights from QYS Principal Flute Greta Hunter

What is it like working with Sally Walker? It has been such a pleasure to work with Sally. Right from the very first rehearsal, her radiant enthusiasm and exceptionally sunny disposition has made every rehearsal so wonderful and engaging. I definitely admire her as a flute player and musician. And I love that she has commissioned this concerto by Elena Kats-Chernin. I'm a huge fan and am definitely hoping this concerto makes it's way in to the central flute repertoire - It's a fabulous piece of music and I can see it being performed for such a long time. What I really love most about working with Sally, is her depth of understanding of the music. As she was part of the creative process for developing the music, the rehearsals have been just so engaging and the orchestra has been able to gain a great deal of insight in to the composition through Sally's amazing knowledge and understanding of the music as a whole. Oh, and should I mention that she has worked from memory the entire time?!