Equal Music teaching


There are currently hundreds of thousands of young people learning music in amazing socialprojects around the world serving minorities, refugees and those without privilege. Amajority of them do not have consistent access to private lessons. This sets into motion asystemic inequality of information, opportunity and access into professional music life—anunacceptable lack of diversity that is plain to see in the demographics of music schools andon stages. In the age of COVID-19, the situation has becomeeven more severe. Social musicprojects provide incredible benefit, love and consistency for the communities they serve. Westand with them, and believe the global community of professional musicians can do muchmore to help build a fair and diverse musical future.


Ilumina is looking for professional musicians and very advanced student volunteers toconnect with deserving talents ages 10-26 around the world. Beyond our own network ofyoung musicians across Brazil, we want to support projects in Venezuela, Colombia, Chile,Peru, Bolivia, Sweden, Austria, Portugal, the UK, Turkey, South Africa, and the UnitedStates.


Fill out the info form below and let us know you who you are and how you’d be interested involunteering your time. This could be:Weekly or every-other-week relationship with a student/s. One-time lesson or group classShort term lesson series (during summer, helping prepare for an audition, working on aspecific topic)Filmed instructional video ona topic, to be shared with many students!We will work to introduce you to students and institutions according to your language, leveland mentorship preferences, or help with what kind of instructional video would be mosthelpful.You’ll get in touch with your student (or in the case of an underage student their parent orguardian) and make a plan!Consistency is important. We don’t want to disappoint students who might be coming fromvulnerable environments. Please therefore do everything you can to fulfill your commitmentonce you’ve been in touch with a student. Also, please know that students deal with an arrayof complicated scenarios, geopolitically and in their homes, including potentially less-than-reliable internet. Flexibility, understanding, andgentleness are necessary.

Technicalities: Zoom and Skype are good universal options for live teaching or mentoring.Whatsapp is usually the best communication option for international students. If you prefer togive video feedback rather than teach live,we also suggest Whatsapp for this, after an initiallive conversation.


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Sally is delighted to be teaching in Ilumina Festival’s global equality initiative, “Equal Music”, connecting young musicians from minority, refugee and less-privileged backgrounds without regular access to private lessons with quality teachers and mentors from major institutions around the world.