2019 Reviews

"A highlight of Dvorak’s symphony after interval, conducted by Tognetti, was the distinctive colour of the woodwind playing, particularly in the second and last movement, with comely, rounded-edged flute tone (on wooden flute) from Sally Walker." (Sydney Morning Herald, 2019) Australian Chamber Orchestra "Brahms and Dvorak" Read the full review here. "The absolutely sublime performance climaxed with a breathtaking cadenza in duet from Allan and Walker, bringing the audience to their feet in celebration." (Limelight, 2019) Twilight Musical Dialogues "Father and Daughter" Read the full review here "Sally Walker alluded to Shakuhachi phrasing and its inimitable shaping of material as her line was woven exquisitely around that of Gartner’s ever-intimate cello effects." (Sydney Arts Guide, 2019) Halcyon "In Nature" Read the full review here "Buenos Aires was represented in a smoky performance of Piazzolla’s Café 1930 from Histoire du Tango, Sally Walker bringing delicacy and elasticity to the flute lines over Roberto Carrillo-Garcia’s sensitive, improvisatory guitar playing." (Limelight, 2019) Australian Festival of Chamber Music "Homelands" Read the full review here "...flautist Sally Walker, first playing Bach’s “Canon alla Decima, Contrapunto all Terza” with clarinettist Jason Noble and then, set dramatically against a mini forest, playing Bach’s “Flute Partita in A Minor” BWV 1013 solo, left an indelible image on listeners.". (City News, 2019) Magic Gardens Concert, Canberra International Music Festival Read the full review here.